Ametek RTC158B115BM02DLCR7FXX Temperature Calibrator B Model

Ametek RTC158B115BM02DLCR7FXX Temperature Calibrator B Model
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Ametek RTC158B115BM02DLCR7FXX Temperature Calibrator B Model

Ametek RTC158B115BM02DLCR7FXX Temperature Calibrator B Model

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  • Full model, including DLC sensor input, STS-200 reference sensor input, sensor-under-test-input
  • Temperature Range: @ ambient 0°C/32°F: -37 to 155°C/ -51 to 113°F; @ ambient 23°C/73°F: -22 to 155°C/-4 to 311°F; @ ambient 40°C /104°F: -9 to 155°C/5 to 311°F
  • Can be used as a dry-block calibrator and as a liquid calibration bath with a magnetic stirrer
  • Automatic calibration of as many as 24 sensors at a time
  • Calibrate even more sensors simultaneously and sensors of odd sizes and shapes, including sanitary sensors
  • High accuracy: down to ±0.04°C using the external reference sensor; 4-wire true-ohm measurement technology
  • Excellent stability of 0.01°C
  • Unique active dual zone block ensures good temperature homogeneity in the calibration zone
  • DLC, Dynamic Load Compensation, ensures perfect temperature uniformity in the insert
  • Temperature uniformity indicator when using the new DLC technology
  • New sensor basket in combination with the stirrer ensures virtually zero axial and radial gradient in the calibration zone
  • Reference sensors are supplied with intelligent plugs, holding the calibration data of the sensor, for a truly "plug-and-play" calibration system
  • FItted with a 160mm (6.3") deep well with a diameter of 63.5mm (2.5")
  • Easy-to-read colour VGA display
  • Communicate via an easy-to-use USB port
  • Multi-hole inserts covering the most used sensor sizes

    Resolution: User selectable, 0.001°, 0.01°, 0.1° or 1°
    Stability: ±0.01°C (±0.018°F);
    Time to Stability: 15 minutes
    Accuracy w/ ext. STS: ±0.04°C (±0.07°F);
    Accuracy w/ int. sensor: ±0.18°C (±0.32°F);
    Radial Homogeneity: @ -22°C (-8°F), block: 0.03°C (0.05°F); @ 155°C (311°F), block: 0.05°C (0.09°F); @ range, bath: 0.015°C (0.03°F)
    Heating Times: 9 min: -22 to 23°C (-8 to 73°F), 23 min: 23 to 100°C (73 to 212°F); 28 min: 100 to 155°C (212 to 284°F);
    Cooling Times: 9 min: 155 to 100°C (311 to 212°F), 24 min: 100 to 23°C (212 to 73°F), 15 min: 23 to 0°C (73 to 32°F), 21 min: 0 to -15°C (32 to 5°F);
    Immersion Depth: Incl. insulation plug, 180mm (7.1"); Bath, 150mm (5.9")
    Transmitter Supply: 24VDC ±10%, Max. 28A Transmitter Input: 0 to 24mA (B model only)
    Voltage Input: 0 to 12VDC (B model only)
    Switch Input: Max. 5VDC; Max. 2.5mA
    Power Supply: 115 VAC, 50/60Hz Insert
    Dimensions: 63.5mm (2.5") dia. x 160mm (6.3") Dimensions: 366 x 171 x 363mm (14.4 x 6.7 x 14.3")
    Weight: 28 kg (61.7 lb);

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