Pyronics 7164 Flame Signal Monitor (2-11 Burners)

Pyronics 7164 Flame Signal Monitor (2-11 Burners)
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Pyronics 7164 Flame Signal Monitor (2-11 Burners)

Pyronics 7164 Flame Signal Monitor (2-11 Burners)

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The model 7164 Flame Signal Monitor is an accessory for the Pyronics multiple Sens-A-Flame II combustion flame safeguard. The Flame Signal Monitor is used to measure the flame signal strength from each burner of a multiple burner combustion system. This system provides a simple and rapid method of monitoring the condition of combustion and combustion system safeguard. System maintenance is simplified by use of the model 7164-FSM. A comparison of weekly or monthly readings will indicate the need for maintenance before a problem becomes severe enough to cause a shutdown and curtail production. A drop in signal strength can indicate a potential problem, such as a change in combustion parameters, erosion of a flame rod, dirt on the flame rod insulators or on the Ultra Violet Detectors. Parallel connection to the detector at the combustion safeguard system provides independent operation. It will not interfere with normal operation or shutdown of the system. A Rotary switch indexes the meter, selecting the burner signal to be monitored. The burner number selected is shown on the switch dial plate. Display of the selected detector signal is provided by a 3 1/2\'\' meter calibrated in microamperes. The model 7164-FSM easily flush mounts on the face of a control center. Gasketing prevents entrance of dust and dirt into the housing. The package is designed to NEMA 12 specifications.


  • Read flame signal without opening control cabinet
  • Available from 2 to 23 burners
  • NEMA 12 type construction
  • 3-1/2\'\' meter, reading in microamperes
  • Sealed rotary indexing switch
  • Applicable to any model 7112 Sens-A-Flame II
  • Parallel connections monitor signals independent of combustion safeguard operation


  • A valuable maintenace tool deteriorating signal indicate when servicing is required
  • Adjust each pilot for peak signal strength to assure dependeble burner operation
  • Monitoring a burner over full operating range (low fire, high fire, excess air and alternate fuels) will indicate the total operating reliability
Voltages: 120V, 50/60 Hz., + 10, -15%
Current: 0.08A (10VA maximum)
Ambient Temperature: -10° to 125°F (-23° to 52°C)
Meter Range: 0 to 50 micro-amperes 2.7\'\' scale
Calibration: Factory set - Auto zero
Selector Switch: Sealed, Rotary operated 2 to 11, 12 to 19, or 12 to 23, depending upon number of burners to be monitored. Switch provides an off position
Cabel Length: 10\' standard
Overall Size: 9.25\'\' Wide x 4.5\'\' High x 4\'\' Deep
Mounting: Refer to dimension drawing on page 2 of the Product Specifications PDF

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Pyronics 7164 2 - 11 Flame Signal Monitor

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