Fluke FP Food Service Infrared Thermometer

Fluke FP Food Service Infrared Thermometer
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Fluke FP Food Service Infrared Thermometer

Fluke FP Food Service Infrared Thermometer

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  • The Fluke FoodProTM thermometer provides advanced temperature measurement solutions for the food service industry.

The Fluke FoodPro Plus is a combination infrared surface temperature scanner and probe thermometer with an integrated count down timer to monitor line checks and cooking and cooling intervals.


  • Quickly scan temperatures without risk of cross-contamination
  • Verify internal temperatures with flip down, field replaceable, thin-film RTD (Resistant Thermal Device) platinum tipped probe
  • Set adjustable alarms with integrated countdown timer (adjustable from 10 seconds to 7 hours, 59 minutes)
  • Dual-reading display shows the highest scanned temperature alongside the current reading
  • Easy to-see illumination light shows the temperature measurement spot and removes the targeting guesswork
  • HACCP Check “Go/No-Go” lights show immediately if temperatures are within HACCP guidelines for safe hot or cold food holding (A green light indicates safe hot and cold holding temperatures, while potentially dangerous food temperatures trigger a red light)
  • Sealed to IP54 standards for long life expectancy and accuracy

    IR Temperature Range: -40 to 200°C (-40 to 390°F);
    Accuracy: 0 to 65°C (32 to 150°F): ±1°C (±2°F); / <0°C (32°F): ±1°C (±2°F) ±0.1°; / >65°C (150°F): ±1.5% rdg.
    Response Time: <500ms after initial reading
    Spectral Response: 8-14 µm
    Emissivity: Pre-set for food service applications
    Optical Resolution: 2.5: 1 (Distance to Spot size)
    Working Distance: 25 to 250mm (1 to 10")
    Min. Target Size: 12mm (0.5") ø

    General Specifications
    Power Supply: 1 9V alkaline battery
    Battery Life: 10 hours minimum
    Probe Dimensions: 3.0mm (0.118") dia.; 80mm (3.0") L
    Dimensions (H x W x D): 165 x 32 x 50mm (6.5 x 1.25 x 2")
    Weight: 150 g (0.33 lb.)

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