Control Products HS-700E Home Sitter

Control Products HS-700E Home Sitter
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Control Products HS-700E Home Sitter

Control Products HS-700E Home Sitter

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Emerson HomeSitter™ Dialer

The HomeSitter™ Dialer remote temperature monitoring system automatically calls out to notify you if there is a drop in temperature (below 45°F/7°C) or a rise in temperature (above 85°F/29°C). This temperature alarm feature can help you prevent frozen/burst pipes due to furnace failure or prevent mildew and humidity damage when an air conditioner stops working in the summertime heat.  The unit comes with a water sensor that can be placed near a water heater, behind a washing machine or in a sump to warn you if water is detected.  The unit can accept an unlimited number of water sensors.  Model WS-600E.


  • Automatically dials any 3 telephone numbers when the temperature inside your home, cabin or business drops below 45°F (7°C)
  • Continues to call until the alarm is acknowledged – calls every 15 minutes or every 2 hours (user selectable)
  • Operates during a power failure* (uses 2 AA batteries for back-up power – not included)
  • Calls out to warn if the backup batteries are low and need replacing
  • Uses existing telephone line, DSL or VOIP phone connections*
  • Works flawlessly with answering machines or voice mail systems.
  • Installs in minutes
  • No monitoring fees!

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