Asco 173A20 Control Thermostat Surface Mount Emergency Stop

Asco 173A20 Control Thermostat Surface Mount Emergency Stop
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Asco 173A20 Control Thermostat Surface Mount Emergency Stop

Asco 173A20 Control Thermostat Surface Mount Emergency Stop

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ASCO Control Stations

ASCO relay control panels were originally designed to New York City Board of Education specifications to operate ASCO DC solenoid valves controlling gas flow to school kitchens, domestic cooking classes, ceramic and metal shops. Because of its many features and silent operation, the ASCO relay panel has also been used in many other similar institutions and schools outside New York City. Vandalism and malicious mischief have caused some city governments to make it mandatory that the gas supply be locked off during closed hours. Other governmental bodies and consulting engineers have recognized the need and specifying the ASCO relay panel although not mandated by code. ASCO relay panels are also used in industrial and commercial installations to control various gases and fluids.

The Asco 173A20 is surface mounted and consists of a momentary mushroom pushbutton labled "Emegency Stop". When button is hit, power to valve is shut off and they close in 0.1 seconds.

  • ASCO’s reputation and long experience in control are assurances of highly dependable systems with complete ASCO coordination.
  • If the control voltage is lost completely, or reduces to approximately 50% of normal value, the relay de-energizes the normally closed valve to shut off gas flow.
  • The valve will not open at restoration of voltage until an authorized person operates the key switch on the control station. This eliminates the danger of gas unknowingly escaping. The gas may also be shut off by depressing the normally closed pushbutton switch located on the control station. For convenience, auxiliary push-buttons, such as the ASCO Catalog numbers 173A19 and 173A20 may be located at various accessible points throughout the building.
  • Utilization of DC control provided by the relay panel eliminates annoying AC hum.
  • Shallow-depth NEMA Type 1 flush-mounted enclosure permits installation directly into the wall for convenience and elimination of obstructions in corridors or high traffic areas.
  • ASCO dust-tight industrial relay and solid-state rectifier are designed to provide long life.
  • Clearly marked terminals and installation drawings are located on inside of door.
  • Approved by New York City Board of Education for use in public schools.

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